Hamburgsund, Hornbore Village

Hornbore By
Hornbore Viking Village
Hamburgsund, Tanum (Västra Götaland county), Sweden

Hornbore By is a replica of a Viking village located just south of Hamburgsund, a village part of the Tanum municipality, in Västra Götaland county, Sweden, lying both on the mainland and the island Hamburgö. The area has played an important role throughout the ages, as also witnessed by the ancient burial mounds discovered there. Tanum municipality is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the rock carvings portraying the life of an agricultural society with images of daily life, with human figures, religious rituals, ships, circular objects, soles, animals, and fertility figures (Tanum Underslös Museum and Rock Art Research Centre (

Hornbore village was established in 1997 and is a historically oriented site with faithfully reconstructed Viking houses in an attempt to recreate a small trading settlement from the Viking Age. Although a trading area has not been found there yet, all together the strategic geographical location at the sea, the nearby burial sites, and the ruins of a former rock fortress, prove that very likely the area hosted at least a flourishing trade centre. The Honborg castle ruins are located just 2km south of Hamburgsund, on a cliff rising next to Hamburgsund channel and defining a natural fortification. Although not yet confirmed, the area is supposed to have been the venue of a Viking Thing (or Ting, the governing assembly or court of a Germanic society) already in the 1000s.

The site features some reconstructed Viking dwellings which are used for school groups and camps the year round, while in Summer time the village is open to tourists, who are offered the exciting experience to meet and see the life of the Vikings and spend inspiring holidays in the Hornbore village, where they can take part at a variety of live-in activities and workshops, including archery shooting, long boat rowing, historical cooking, wool spinning leather and skin working, silver and metal casting, and other Viking crafts. Skilled tutors and historical interpreters will be helping in the process of developing or refining skills in the ancient crafts and chores. The visitors can also visit the blacksmith and a complete Viking Age wood workshop, while at the beach they can find some small Viking boats to make a tour with.

Finally the village is also home to a great Viking Festival, the “Hornbore Ting”, every year in August (to find out more please visit our dedicated page, click here).

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Hornbore By
Address: Rörvik 617, 45070 Hamburgsund, Västra Götaland County, Sweden
Tel.: +46 703971066 - 52534540

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A film shot at "Hornbore by", near Hamburgsund, Sweden. The plot is written by students at Tanumskolan, Tanum, Sweden in 2008. It is a story about some Vikings who are getting ready to set sail towards Salerno, Italy, to pillage and plunder. The chief's daughter wants to join the men on the ship, although as a female she is supposed not to be allowed, but...



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