Hamburgsund, Hornbore Ting

Hornbore Viking Market and Festival
Hornbore Ting
Hamburgsund, Tanum (Västra Götaland county)

a spectacular and outstanding Viking market featuring many historical reenactors, traders and skilled craftsmen from all over Europe and a rich programme of leisure and educational activities for all family, including music and theatre shows, cruises on Viking boats across the lake, Viking cuisine and entertainment in an amazing natural and historical setting…

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Hamburgsund, a village in Tanum municipality (Västra Götaland county, Sweden), is located both on the mainland and the island Hamburgö, which is linked by a ferry over the 130 meter wide Hamburgsund channel. The area has played an important role throughout the ages, as also witnessed by the ancient burial mounds discovered there. Hamburgsund was first mentioned in 1585 as a customs station for the herring fishing ships. During the 1800s and 1900s the settlements flourished favoured by the further development of sea trade with ships from Hamburgsund and the nearby islands carrying wood and brick from Norway, coal and coke from Gothenburg, herring and stone from Bohuslän, a historic province on the northernmost part of the Swedish west coast.

The Honborg castle ruins are located just 2km south of Hamburgsund, on a cliff rising next to Hamburgsund channel and defining a natural fortification. Hornborg castle was excavated at the beginning of the 20th century by the Swedish historian and archaeologist Wilhelm Berg (1839-1915), who found cannon and musket balls, spear and crossbow arrowheads and a fighting cudgel. The findings show that the period of greatness of the castle, once commanding a strategic position, was around 1450-1530, which ended completely, when Bohuslän became again Swedish in 1658. All that actually remains of what was once the Hornborg Castle are low grassy embankments. Although not completely confirmed by archaeological finds and historical records, the area is supposed to have been the venue of a Viking Thing (or Ting, the governing assembly of Germanic societies) already in the 1000s.

Today, near the former castle, a Viking village, the Hornbore By, has been faithfully rebuilt with the aim to recreate a small trading settlement from the Viking Age and provide visitors with the exciting chance to experience first-hand the life of the Vikings (to find out more about the site please visit our dedicated page: Hornbore Viking Village). Last but not least, the territory is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the famous Tanum rock carvings (


Event description and programme

Every year in August, Hamburgsund is home to the “Hornbore Ting”, a great Viking festival and market featuring hundreds of Viking reenactors and artisans. Locals and tourists are invited to gather and enjoy a unique time travelling back to the Viking Age, while visiting the market peopled by traders and skilled craftsmen from all over Europe. The rich programme includes leisure and educational activities for the whole family. Children can try out the typical Vikingcrafts, do their own finger ring or pendant, while adults can test their skills at archery or ax throwing, and take part at several other Viking games and crafts workshops. The visitors can also explore the pier and see the three Viking ships on display there, and even take a tour aboard one of them. Traditional Viking cuisine is served as well, including wild boar, turnip mash, spicy sausages, and meat served in Viking style with rustic bread. Music shows, theatre performances, weapons and combat displays, story-telling at camp-fire and battle reenactments complete the programme of the event.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Hornbore Ting
Address: Strandvägen 25 F - 457 45 Hamburgsund, Sweden
Tel.: +46 070 3916516

Text sources: Hornbore Ting, Wikipedia, Historia Vivens

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