Hafnarfjörður, Viking Festival

Viking Festival
Dates 2018 to be announced
Hafnarfjörður (Capital region)

Every summer hordes of Norsemen invade Iceland for the annual Viking Festival in Hafnarfjörður downtown, the oldest, largest and most important event of its kind in Iceland attracting reenactors and visitros from all over the world for a full-immersion in the Viking Age...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Hafnarfjörður, a port town located on the southwest coast of Iceland, about 10 km south of Reykjavík, is the third-most populous city in Iceland, after Reykjavík itself and Kópavogur, as well as a unique town still keeping the features of the typical village charm, with small wooden buildings and narrow winding streets, in its historical downtown. The name of the town means harbour-fjord refers to the excellent natural harbour witnessing Iceland's longest history of continuous port trade since the 1300s. Hafnarfjörður, also known as "the town in the lava" because of its proximity to wildly shaped and untouched lava fields, is a friendly seaside community boasting numerous shops, cafés, a thriving cultural life thanks to the many museums and galleries. The visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, from golf and swimming to horse riding, as well as numerous natural wonders in the unforgettable surroundings, including geothermal fields, stunning seaside views, mountains, and pristine lakes. Finally, Hafnarfjörður is famous for its settlement of Fair Folk and particularly Iceland's largest population of the huldufólk, the little friendly elves who live in the many crags and lava rocks scattered throughout the town.


Event description and programme

Since 1995 Hafnarfjörður is the site of a great Viking festival, the oldest, largest and most important event of its kind in Iceland. The event takes place in the area surrounding the Fjörukráin Viking Village, an hotel and restaurant located in Hafnarfjörður downtown, where waiters and waitresses dressed as real Vikings serve tasty traditional foods in a beautiful carved timber replica of a Viking hall and the Viking atmosphere is to be experienced all year-round through a rich programme of feasts and themed events. The annual Viking Festival records the coming of hundreds of Viking reenactors and artists from all over Europe and worldwide demonstrating the many aspects and features of the Viking culture and daily life, such as ships, cuisine, handcraft, storytelling, archery, games, music and battles. Visitors come from all parts of the world, from Europe and America, to join this celebration of the Icelandic Viking Age. The emphasis is first of all on authenticity, so that the guests of the Festival find themselves taken a thousand years back in time, at the ancient summer market. Ships from foreign lands come ashore and merchants take out their goods to trade. The ancient music, dancers, jesters, good food and drinks – all create a unique festive atmosphere of the past.

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Info & Contact

Fjörukráin, Viking Village, Viking restaurant and hotel
Address: Strandgötu 55, 220 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
Tel.: +354 5651213, +354 5651890 | Fax.: +354 5651891
E-mail: vikings@vikingvillage.is
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Hafnarfjörður Town Council / Ráðhús Hafnarfjarðar
Address: Strandgötu 6, IS 220 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
Tel.: +354 585 5500 | Fax: +354 585 5509
E-mail: hafnarfjordur@hafnarfjordur.is
Web. http://www.hafnarfjordur.is/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hafnarfjarðarbær-160540443978577/

Hafnarfjörður Tourist Information Office
Address: Strandgata 6, IS 220 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
Tel.: +354 585 5500 | Fax: +354 585 5509
E-mail: hafnarfjorður@hafnarfjorður.is
Web: http://www.visithafnarfjordur.is/

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