Gudahagen, Viking Market

Viking Days & Market at Gudahagen
Gudahagens Vikingadagar & Marknad
Näsum, Bromölla (Skåne county)

The Event

Gudahagen in Näsum is one of the most fascinating monuments in Sweden. This ancient Nordic cult place holds secrets of fertility rites, sacrifices and burials from the early Stone Age up to Middle Ages. The Gudahagen site is located in Näsum parish, part of Bromölla Municipality, in Skåne County.

The Gudahagen Viking Market is held annually on the third weekend of September, bringing to life the ancient times of the Viking warriors and pagan gods. The program of the weekend includes lectures on archaeology, displays of combats, horse shows, jester performances, dances, music and ancient rites including the early Christian baptisms. Various activities are offered to the children at a Viking school.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association/organization name: Fornföreningen Gudahagen, Bromölla kommun
Address: Gudahagsvägen, 29521 Bromölla Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden
Tel.: +46 733244425 (Camilla Möller, President), +46 709559420 (Susan Orrgren, Treasurer), +46 456822000 (Bromölla kommun)
Fax: +46 456822000 (Bromölla kommun)

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