Groenlo, Slag om Grolle

The "Slag om Grolle", AD 1627
De Slag om Grolle
Dates 2019 to be announced (biennial event, last held in year 2017)
Groenlo, Oost Gerle (Gelderland province)

The Event

The Slag om Grolle is a historical reenactment of the siege of the fortified town of Groenlo (formerly known as Grol or Grolle), situated in the Achterhoek, on the German border. For centuries Groenlo has been an important crossroads of trading routes along the axis Northern-Southern Europe and even to the Far East.

The siege took place in 1627 during the Dutch Revolt against the occupying Spanish government. The war, which lasted 80 years, saw Groenlo as a strategic military base that alternately was owned by the Dutch or Spanish armies. In 1627, Frederik Hendrik (1584–1647), the sovereign Prince of Orange was assigned by the States General to recapture the city of Groenlo from the Spaniards. After 30-days-long harsh siege Groenlo was finally recaptured and not occupied by the Spaniards anymore.

Today many reenactors from all over Europe arrive in Groenlo to participate and relive the siege of Grolle of 1627. In the military camps the visitors can experience weapons demonstrations, drill parades and soldiers’ preparations to the battle. The battlefield hosts the siege reenactment, a great historical spectacle. The period fair, daily life animations, street performances, activities and games for children and the torchlight parades in the evening create the special spirit of the 17th century in the town of Groenlo.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Organisatie Slag om Grolle
Address: Oude Winterswijkseweg 42, 7141 HE City of Groenlo, municipality of Oost Gelre, Achterhoek region, Netherlands

Oost Gerle Town Council
Address: Postbus 17, 7130 AA Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0544) 39 35 35 | Fax: +31 (0544) 37 29 69

Oost Gerle Tourist Office / VVV Oost Gelre, vestigingen in Groenlo en Lichtenvoorde
Groenlo Address: Kevelderstraat 1, 7141 BE Groenlo, Netherlands
Tel.: +31 0544 461247
Lichtenvoorde Address : Markt 11a, 7131 DG Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands
Tel.: +31 0544 375775

Image: Organisatie Slag om Grolle
Text sources: Organisatie Slag om Grolle, Wikipedia, Oost Gerle Town Council, Oost Gerle Tourism Office

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