Grazalema, Blood and Love

“Blood and Love on the Sierra”, 1832 AD, Historical Reenactment
Recreación Histórica "Sangre y Amor en la Sierra”
Dates 2017 to be announced (the event was last held in 2016)
Grazalema, Cadiz (Andalucia aut community)

The Event

“Blood and Love in the Sierra” is a social and cultural project designed to recreate the romantic era of banditry in Grazalema on the Sierra of 1832. The programme is based on a series of theatrical performances held from afternoon to the night, each of them recreating a different episode or scene of the of the local bandits' life, set in different locations of Grazalema. Among the episodes are activity of the bandit chief Jose Maria Tempranillo, his marriage with Maria Jerónima, the death of his beloved and other events, all enlivened by dramatic scenes performed in a scenic surrounding, where people live and act like it was in Grazalema in the past. The event involves more than 600 inhabitants in historical dresses, a number of associations and organizations of Grazalema and is supported by the municipality to valorise the historical, social and cultural roots of the village.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Sangre Y Amor en la Sierra / Bandoleros de Grazalema

Grazalema Town Council / Ayuntamiento de Grazalema
Address: Plaza de España 1 - CP 11610 – Grazalema, Spain
Tel.: +34 956 132011

Image: Sangre Y Amor en la Sierra / Bandoleros de Grazalema
Text sources: Sangre Y Amor en la Sierra / Bandoleros de Grazalema, Grazalema Town Council, Wikipedia, Visit Spain


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