Frassinoro, Medieval Week

Matildian Week in the Land of Frassinoro Abbey
Settimana Matildica nelle terre della Badia
Frassinoro (Emilia-Romagna region)

Geographical, cultural and historical context

The event takes place in Frassinoro, a town located in the Apennines, in the Province of Modena, Emilia-Romagna region, about 70 km southwest of Bologna and about 50 km southwest of Modena, and once famous because of its important Benedictine monastery founded in AD 1071 by Matilda of Tuscany, one of the most prominent female figures of the Middle Ages, and her mother Beatrix of Lorraine, endowed with vast territorial possessions and of substantial assets, and a church extraordinarily rich in furnishings and precious marble sculptures.

Event description and programme

The enchanting atmosphere of the Middle Ages comes back to life in the streets and the squares of Frassinoro thanks to a comprehensive program that provides cultural events, exhibitions and lectures, dance and music performances, street theatre battle re-enactments, night parades, historical camps with archers and knights, jesters and flag-wavers, entertainment for children, medieval market with arts and crafts exhibition, while in taverns is possible to taste both the typical local and medieval dishes. Each edition takes the title and the subject from relics or historical documents kept in museums and archives of the most important Italian cities, offering a great journey through the main events that took place at the Abbey of Frassinoro since its foundation until the end of the Middle Ages.

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Info & Contact

Frassinoro Town Council / Comune di Frassinoro
Address: Piazza Miani, 16 - 41044 Frassinoro (Modena), Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)536 971015 | Fax: +39 (0)536 971002
Frassinoro Tourist Office / Ufficio Turismo del Comune
Tel: +39 (0)536 971015 / 969860

Images: Frassinoro Town Council 
Text sources: Frassinoro Town Council, Wikipedia


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