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Welcome! Here you will find a selected bibliography of books, magazines and other printed materials, as well as websites and other online resources including images and audio-visuals, that we find useful, accurate and interesting about a wide variety of topics related to the subject treated in this section. The list of references recommended and presented on this page does not pretend to be an exhaustive catalogue of the all the available sources, but it is just illustrative, and aimed to provide some hints and directions for a more detailed independent and personal research of information by the Users themselves.



Jacobus de Varagine: "The Golden Legend" (Legenda Aurea), 1275, englished by William Caxton, 1483. Digital edition by Fordham University New York:
Alban Butler: "The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints",
Edition 1799, Edinburgh, London at the Internet Archive:
Edition 1866, Dublin at
Edition 1894, Benziger Bros. at Internet Sacred Text Archive:
Edition 1895, New York at Project Gutenberg:
Alban Butler: "Lives of the Saints With Reflections for Every Day in the Year", audio book by LibriVox:
Robert Chambers: "The Book of Days. A Miscellany of Popular Antiquities",1864, W & R Chambers, London and Edinburgh. Digital edition by Emmitsburg Area Historical Society:
Alfredo Cattabiani: "Calendario. Le feste, i miti, le leggende e i riti dell'anno", 2003, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milano
Vv.Aa.: "Il Milione. Enciclopedia di geografia, usi e costumi, belle arti, storia, cultura", (Vol. I-V: Europa), 1960, Istituto Geografico de Agostini, Novara.
Rino Cammilleri: "Un Santo al Giorno", 2002. Edizione PIEMME, Asti.
Ireneo Berlotta: "I Santi patroni d’Italia", 1988, Newton&Compton Editori, Roma.
Franco Cardini: "Il libro delle feste", 2011. Il Cerchio Iniziative Editoriali, Rimini.
Anthony S.Mercatante: "Dizionario universale dei miti e delle leggende", 2001, Newton&Compton Editori, Roma.
Gurkina G.O., Serdiuk O.V.: "Traditions and customs of the Ukrainians", 2008, Torsing Plus, Kharkhiv.
Voropai Oleksa: "Customs of the Ukrainian folk", 2009, Shkola, Kyiv.


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"Eternal Word Television Network - Saints":
"Christian Iconography":
"Catholic Culture":
"New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia":
"Catholic Saints.Info":
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"Catholic Online - Saints":
"Catholic community forum - the Saints":
"Santi, beati e testimoni - Enciclopedia dei Santi":
"The Fish Eaters":
"Saints SQPNSQPN (Star Quest Production Network)":
"Medieval Women website":
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"The Coptic Orthodox Church Netowrk":ù
"Ontano Magico associazione culturale":
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“Taccuini Storici”:
“UNESCO World Heritage Convention”:
“Historic UK”:
“Russian Crafts”:
“Russian Traditions”:
"The Russian Museum of Ethnography":
"Ukrainian Traditions”:
"Slavic Paganism":
"Anthology of Lithuanian Ethnoculture":
“Angelologia, il portale degli Angeli”:

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