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Historia Mundi
Different locations of Flanders

The Event

Historia Mundi is a unique event, that once a year unites all historical associations under the cover of a multi-period camp, to make a journey through World History. The Festival is held every year in different locations of Flanders (or the Flemish region) of Belgium.

The reenactors build their encampments in the tradition of the presented period, thus the visitor meets Celts, Romans, Vikings, medieval folk and knights, nobles and common citizens of the Renaissance period, Scottish Highlanders, 18th century bourgeoisie, Woodland Indians, Napoleonic troops, American Civil War soldiers, cowboys, participants of the I and II World War and Vietnam War.

In the camps the life and daily activities of the related period are presented, as well as pottery, wood-work, blacksmithing and other crafts of the different epochs. The event offers various displays to the public, like historical battles, tournaments, duels and entertainment shows.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association/organization name V.U. Historia Mundi (Reenactor Confederation of the World Wide Living History)
Historia Mundi 2017 location: Rode, Glabbeek, Flemish Region
Address of the association: Lepelstraat 11, 3800 city of Sint-Truiden, province of Limburg, Flemish Region
E-mail: info@historia-mundi.be
Web: http://www.historia-mundi.be

Photo: http://www.historia-mundi.be





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