Ferrieres, les Nocturnes, AUG.

Les Nocturnes de Ferrières
Edition 2017 cancelled
Dates 2018 to be announced
Ferrières-en-Gâtinais (Centre region)

The Event

The medieval town of Ferrières-en-Gâtinais, situated in the Loiret department in north-central France, is offering many heritage treasures to a visitor. Huddled around its ancient fortified abbey, the town is the scene of great historical festivals that attract each summer thousands of spectators.

Ferrières Nights take place in different dates during summer (usually in July-August period) and offer a unique experience of a living show where reality bounds with fantasy, bringing to life the medieval past of the place. Dancers and jugglers, fire eaters and acrobats, artisans and witches, street theater performers, soldiers in camps altogether invite the public of all ages to the mysterious and exciting events in Ferrières.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association/organization name AFHF - Association des Fêtes Historiques de Ferrières
Address: AFHF, 11 rue du Lion d'Or - 45210 Ferrières-en-Gâtinais commune, Loiret department, region of Centre
Tel.: +33238940000
E-mail: contact.nocturnesdeferrieres@gmail.com
Web: http://www.nocturnes-de-ferrieres.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Les-Nocturnes-de-Ferrières/120402231322409

Photo: http://www.nocturnes-de-ferrieres.com




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