Faenza, Tales of Arms

Tales of Arms - The Romagna from the 12th to the 16th century
Storie d’Arme - La Romagna dal XII al XVI secolo
Next edition dates to be announced (the event was last held in 2013)
Faenza (Ravenna, Emilia Romagna region)

The Event

The event takes place in Faenza, a city of Emilia-Romagna region, about 50 km from Bologna and 48 km from Ravenna, located in a fine and evocative country landscape close to the first Apennine slopes with vineyards in the hills and cultivated fields in the fertile plain. Faenza, a splendid city of art enriched over centuries by fine architectures, has over 100 hectares of urban green areas and since the Renaissance Age is synonymous with ceramics thanks to its fine tin-glazed pottery exported all over Europe and known everywhere just as “faïence”, from the French language.

The great historical, taking place every year in late September and hosted along the longest and best preserved section of the city walls, from Porta Montanara up to the Sferisterio, represents an excellent complement to the Palio of Niballo (June) and offers the audience an exciting journey back in time to relive the glories of Medieval and Renaissance Faenza. The rich programme includes historical camps, a medieval crafts market, exhibitions and lectures, displays of Renaissance fencing and archery, workshops for adults and children, animations with jesters and acrobats, performances of flag-wavers, puppet shows, medieval and renaissance music and dance, historical games, guided tours, duels of the men-at-arms, historical and traditional cuisine featuring menus dedicated to the local flavours and fragrances. The highlight of the event is the great battle reenactment between the city garrison and the mercenary army besieging Faenza in AD 1500 and led by Cesare Borgia (1475/1476–1507, an Italian condottiero, nobleman, politician, and cardinal, famous for having inspired the main character of Machiavelli's essay “The Prince”).

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Il Comitato Organizzatore “Storie d'Arme”
Cell: +39 3479240543 - Alessandro Grazioli
E-mail: info@storiedarme.com
Web: www.storiedarme.com

Faenza Town Council / Comune di Faenza
Address: Piazza del Popolo, 31 – 48018 Faenza (Ravenna), Italy
Tel. +39 0546 691111
Servizio Cultura - Palio - Manifestazioni
Address: P.zza Rampi, 1 - 48018 Faenza (Ravenna), Italy
Tel.: +39 0546 691651 / 0546 691664 / 0546 691666
Fax: +39 0546 691679
E-mail: urp.informazioni@comune.faenza.ra.it
Web: www.comune.faenza.ra.it

Faenza Tourism Office
Ufficio Informazione e accoglienza Turistica Pro Loco Faenza
Address: Voltone della Molinella, 2 - 48018 Faenza (Ravenna), Italy
Tel./Fax: +39 0546 25231
E-mail: info@prolocofaenza.it
Web: www.prolocofaenza.it/


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