Europe, Battle of the Nations

Battle of the Nations
World Championship in historical medieval battle
2018 Edition: Santa Severa Castle, Santa Marinella (Rome, Lazio region), ITALY

The Event

"Battle of the Nations" is an international historical medieval battles (HMB) world championship, held in Europe every year, since 2009. It is the largest full contact event in Europe, if not the world, where national teams travel thousands of kilometres to stand ground against some of the hardest, most seasoned medieval fighters in the world.

Under the rules of the event, a national team has to consist of at least 8 and maximum of 50 fighters. Qualifying tournaments are competitions, where battles are held in accordance with the unified international rules for HMB. National teams organize qualifying tournaments to find the best HMB fighters of a country.

The tradition for this competition has largely come from Ukraine and Russia, where enthusiasts have held previous events where full contact "battles" of large numbers of armoured combatants took place in historical sites. The emphasis is put on the combatants wearing historically accurate equipment and heraldry and using the appropriate weapons for the combat.

The event is held usually in one of the European countries, at a historical location, and features military camps of the participants, which reached 12 countries in 2012, as well as various demonstrations, training and medieval daily life displays.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

Historical Medieval Battle International Association
Tel.: +41 799 047334


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