Ertebølle, Stone Age Centre

Stone Age Centre
Ertebølle, Vesthimmerland (North Denmark region), DENMARK


The Stone Age Centre is located on the slopes of Ertebølle Bjerg, with a great view over the Limfjord shallow sound, in Jutland region, and hosts a museum with permanent archaeological exhibition, several facilities and the reconstruction of a Mesolithic settlement that illustrates the way of living at the time of the Ertebølle culture. 

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The Ertebølle Culture (ca 5300-3950 BC) is a hunter-gatherer and fisher, pottery-making culture dating to the end of the Mesolithic period, and named after the site, a location in the small village of Ertebølle. The culture was concentrated in Southern Scandinavia, but genetically linked to strongly related cultures in Northern Germany and the Netherlands.

The Stone Age Centre is aimed to teach children and adults in a creative way so they can see how things were developed and used in the Mesolithic. Stone tools are produced on the spot, there are huts and canoes etc. Sources of inspiration are both archaeology and ethnography. The visitors have the chance to take part at several live-in leisure and educational activities such as sailing on dugout canoes (boats made from a hollowed tree trunk, and the oldest boats archaeologists have found, dating back about eight thousand years), as well as archery, flint carving and many other activities.

The Centre includes permanent exhibitions illustrating the life in ancient times through a collection of items from the Stone Age to the Bronze and Iron Age, as well as audio-visual displays about primitive peoples, and folks from Northern America like Native Indians and Eskimos.


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Stenaldercentret i Ertebølle
Address: Gl. Møllevej 8 - Ertebølle - 9640 Farsø, Denmark
Tel: +45 9863 6788

Vesthimmerlands Museum
Address: Søndergade 44 - DK-9600 Aars, Denmark
Tel.: +45 98623577
Fax: +45 98626726

Vesthimmerlands Town Council
Address: Himmerlandsgade 27 - 9600 Aars, Denmark
Tel.: +45 99 66 70 00

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