El Bruc, Festa del Timbaler

Festival of the Drummer of El Bruc, the Fair of the Peninsular War
Festa del Timbaler del Bruc, La Fira de la Guerra del Francès
El Bruc, Anoia (Catalonia aut. region)

The Event

Every year in early June El Bruc, a beautiful village at the foot of Montserrat mountain, in central Catalunya, hosts the festival "Festa del Timbaler del Bruc", to commemorate the war against the French and the historical hero of El Bruc, June 1808. "Timbaler" is the Catalan word for "Drummer", recalling this hero.

The facts refers to the Spanish War of Independence, even known as The French War in Catalunya, was a war conflicts between Spain and France begun in 1808 with the entrance of Napoleon in Spain and ended in 1814 with the return of King Ferdinand VII. On 6 June 1808, a column of French 3800 men under the orders of Brigadier General Schwartz were attacked by guerrilleros in Catalonia, which forced the French troops to withdraw. The legend has it that, arriving to the Montserrat mountain, the French soldiers heard the sound of a drum which made them believe it was heading a numerous Catalonian army. Feeling threatened, they retreated. It was actually a local drummer boy Isidre Lluçà I Casanoves playing his drum and misleading the French army in this way.

The Festival features artisan market with crafts demonstrations, many historical representations, street performances and various activities for the visitors. Several historical groups are involved in organizing the military camps and the battle reenactment.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

El Bruc Town Council / Ajuntament de El Bruc
Address: Bruc del Mig, 55 - 08294 - El Bruc, Spain
Tel: +34 93 7710006
Web: www.bruc.cat

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Tel.: +34 938046359
E-mail: info@festacatalunya.cat
Web: http://www.festacatalunya.cat/
Web: https://www.festacatalunya.cat/articles-mostra-782-cat-festa_del_timbaler_del_bruc_la_fira_de_la_guerra_del_francys.htm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Festacatalunyacat-133144960043705/

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Image: Comisió Festa del Timbaler del Bruc
Text sources: Comisió Festa del Timbaler del Bruc, Festacatalunya, El Bruc Town Council, Wikipedia

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