Ehrenberg, Time Travel

Ehrenberg – Time Travel & Knight Plays
Ehrenberg - Die Zeitreise & Ritterspiele
Ehrenberg Fortress, Reutte (Tirol state)


Europe's biggest historical event of its kind, „Ritterspiele Ehrenberg – Die Zeitreise“ - Romans' and Knights' games – invites thousands of visitors to Tyrol to experience knights' tourneys, gladiator games, a huge medieval market, the battle of Ehrenberg, fireworks, concerts, and much more...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

The Ehrenberg fortress, located in a picturesque mountain landscape, is one of the most beautiful historical sites in Tyrol. Thanks to a long and accurate work the four fortifications have been restored and made available to the public. The ruins of Ehrenberg are connected to the Historical arena by a path. Ehrenberg hosts also a museum offering multimedia presentations of the historical periods from the Romans to the 1800 and activities for the whole family.


Event description and programme

The Time Travel in Ehrenberg is the annual event representing different historical periods and mainly focused on the Middle Ages. Spectacular knights jousting and tournaments in honor of the emperor Maximilian I take place in the arena, and several spectacles and fights between Romans and Celts are on display. The highlight of the festival is reenactment of the battle and fortress siege. A big medieval market offers traditional food and artisans’ goods. The evening concerts with fire shows, a great firework spectacle and various events for children complete the program of the festival.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contacts

The event page "Eherenberg-Die Zeitreise"

Bavamont UG (event organizers)
Address: Reichenstrasse 25, D-87629 Füssen, Germany

Ehrenberg Fortress Museum (Erlebnismuseum "Dem Ritter auf der Spur")
Burgenwelt Ehrenberg Verein Europäisches Burgenmuseum Ehrenberg
Address: Klause 1 - 6600 Reutte, Austria
Tel.: +43 (5672) 62007 | Fax: +43 (5672) 62007 77

Reutte Regional Park (Naturparkregion Reutte)
Address: Untermarkt 34, A-6600 Reutte/Tirol, Austria

Image: Bavamont UG
Text sources: Burgenwelt Ehrenberg


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