Edwinstowe, Sherwood Festival

Sherwood Through the Ages
Next edition dates to be announced (the event was last held in 2016)
Sherwood Forest Reserve, Edwinstowe (Nottinghamshire county)

The famous Sherwood Forest comes to life thanks to a multi-period event portraying History from the Antiquity to the Modern Times. Visitors can stroll around the circular Major Oak path enjoying Living History displays and meeting some historical characters who shaped the History of this forest from ancient times...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Sherwood Country Park lies just north of Edwinstowe, 3 km from Ollerton and 27 km north of Nottingham. The park lies within an area of the Sherwood Forest, famous through its historical association with the legend of Robin Hood. The wooded forest of today is a remnant of a much larger royal hunting forest, named as the "shire wood" of Nottinghamshire.

Event description and programme

Every year Sherwood Forest comes to life with a great multi-period celebration, covering history from Copper Age to modern era. All the periods are represented, illustrating the development of Sherwood and life of the people on and around its territory: the ancient settlements, medieval Royal forest, the Great North Road that ran through the forest during the Civil War, outlaws that hid in the depths of the trees awaiting travellers, a military training ground founded in Sherwood from the 18th century. The medieval life is to be experienced in the historic camps and artisans’ workshops, at the archery displays and knights’ tournaments. The smoke of cooking fires and the sounds of clashing swords and music of different epochs fill the air, and nearby the musket fire crashes out as Perlamentarian soldiers of the English Civil War demonstrate their martial skills. Romans, Britons, Normans, Saxons, Knights Hospitaller, 17th century soldiers and World Wars troopers, all of them arrive to the Sherwood forest to recreate the moments of the past.

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Info & Contact

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