Dumenza, Dumeltica

Dumeltica Celtic Festival
Dumenza (Varese, Lombardia region)

The Event

The Celtic festival takes place in Dumenza, a village located in the centre of the Dumentina Valley (known also as Emerald Valley because of its bright green colours), in the Alpine foothills (or Pre-alps), in region Lombardy, about 90 km from Milan and 35 km from Varese. The territory, close to the Lake Maggiore and to the border with Switzerland (about 25 km from Lugano), is characterized by cultivated fields, farmhouses, thick forests of chestnut and beech trees, and in rich in meadows and pastures in the surrounding mountains.

The yearly Celtic Festival programme includes Irish and Scottish traditional music, a Celtic historical camp with workshops for adults and children about fighting techniques, dance, music, the Celtic arts and crafts market, the reconstruction of daily life scenes, themed exhibitions, experimental archaeology workshops, traditional Celtic games and dances, battle re-enactments, lectures, food stands with typical local and Celtic dishes, special entertainment for children, the Druidic rites of fire, music concerts featuring international artists and much more. Finally, the visitors will have also the chance to enjoy guided tours and walks in the woods of Dumeltina valley and in the surroundings to explore significant archaeological sites and Celtic traces in the area.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Facebook official page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dumeltica

ProLoco Dumenza
E-mail: prolocodumenza@ngi.it
Web: www.prolocodumenza.com

Dumenza Town Council / Comune di Dumenza
Address: Via delle Rimembranze, 9 – 37100 Dumenza (Varese), Italy
Tel.: +39 0332 517239 – Fax: +39 0332 517050
E-mail: info@comune.dumenza.va.it / comune.dumenza@legalmail.it
Web: www.comune.dumenza.va.it


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