Dinan, Festival of Ramparts

Festival of the Ramparts of Dinan
Fête des Remparts de Dinan
21, 22.07.2018 (biennial event)
Dinan (Bretagne region)

The Event

The medieval town of Dinan is located in north-western France, on the hilltop overlooking the river Rance. Dinan, with its rich heritage of about 70 historical monuments and medieval ramparts still surrounding the old town, is a real treasure to discover for the tourists and visitors fond of history.

A major highlight in the calendar is Dinan's Festival of Ramparts, during which the town relives its past and many locals dress up in medieval garb for two day. The event takes place every other year attracting over 100,000 visitors who immerse themselves into medieval life and traditions through the magnificent and impressive shows, street performances and various activities. Every edition is dedicated to a certain topic, like for example “The Arts in the Middle Ages”, “The Silk Road”, “The medieval fears”, and the main activities and displays are connected to the topic. The medieval market invites the visitors to rediscover forgotten tastes, medieval crafts, or attend the spectacular jousting tournaments in the Dinan Castle yard.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Comité de la Fête des Remparts
Address: Bd André Aubert, 22100 DINAN
Tel.: +33296871461
Fax: +33296879999
E-mail: resa@fete-remparts-dinan.com (reservation)
contact@fete-remparts-dinan.com (contact)
Web: http://www.fete-remparts-dinan.com

Office de Tourisme Dinan
Address: Vallée de la Rance, 9 rue du Château - BP 65 261 - 22105 Dinan
Tel.: +33296876976
Fax: +33296876977
Address: 21, rue du Marchix, BP 44162 - 22104 Dinan
Tel.: +33296392243
Web: http://www.dinan-tourisme.com/


Images: http://www.fete-remparts-dinan.com





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