Crevalcore, Medieval

Four Steps in the Middle Ages
Quattro passi nel Medioevo
Crevalcore, Bologna (Emilia Romagna region)

The Event

The event takes place in Crevalcore, town of Emilia Romagna, situated in the Po Valley near Bologna, in the beautiful setting of Villa Ronchi, an architectural complex consisting of the main building of the sixteenth century and the eighteenth-century church with an elegant elliptical shape, and now a cultural center and exhibition hall owned by the municipal administration.

The colorful medieval world of knights and soldiers, tournaments and jousts, noblemen and ladies, peasants, musicians, artisans and merchants, actors and falconers comes back to life in the park of the Ronchi Castle, where visitors can discover the many sides, sometimes curious and unusual, of the Medieval daily life: war, food, clothing, leisure, work, crafts, religion, superstitions, customs and costumes. The camp and the tents are open to the visitors and animated by reenactors, while several educational activities about weapons as well as craft workshops, laboratories for children are offered, as well as themed exhibitions about medieval warfare and cuisine inside the Villa.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Quattro passi nel Medioevo
Location: Viale caduti di Via Fani, Crevalcore (Bologna)
Tel.: +39-320/69.82.349 (Massimiliano), +39-346/09.55.395 (Mauro)

Associazione Culturale “I Sempar in Baraca”
Address: Via Argini Nord 4540 - 40014 Crevalcore (Bologna)
Mob.: +39 3460955395 Mauro +39 3357023063 Lucio
Fax: +39 051983314

Istituzione Paolo Borsellino
Address: Via Persicetana, 226 - 40014 Crevalcore (Bologna)
Tel.: +39 051 6800834

Comune di Crevalcore
Address: via G. Matteotti 191 - 40014 Crevalcore (Bologna)
Tel.: +39 051 988311 - Fax: +39 051 980938




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