Courmayeur, Celtica

Festa internazionale di Musica, Arte e Cultura Celtica
International festival of Celtic Music, Art and Culture
Courmayeur, Val Veny and several locations (Valle d'Aosta region)

The Event

Celtica is the "highest" Celtic festival in Europe being held at the foot of Mont Blanc in Aosta Valley region since 1997 to bring together fans and curious of the Celtic world to live an ancient dream thanks to a magical family-friendly event involving several locations in this beautiful northern Italian region nestled among the very giants of Europe. The very heart of the festival is set in the wonderful scenario of the ancient Peuterey Wood, in Val Veny, a valley located at the foot of the Mont Blanc and characterized by wild fairy-tale landscapes with breathtaking peaks and spectacular lakes hidden in the heart of the glacier. Val Veny is also historically and spiritually important thanks to the Notre Dame de la Guérison sanctuary, which attracts pilgrims from all over the Alps region.

Adults and children can take part in several workshops on Celtic dance and music, historical archery and fencing, embroidery, sewing and weaving, handicraft, enjoy meetings and walks in nature, ponies and horses riding, or listen to storytelling around the campfire. While in the evening the great concerts bring energy and excitement on the two stages with internationally renowned artists from all around the world. The rich programme includes as well special activities for children, the historical camps with living history displays and experimental archeology demonstrations, the druidic fire ceremony, the Celtic games (tug of war, caber toss, stone put etc), lectures and conferences, parades, theater and dance shows, and much more. By experiencing the festival in this way, the magic of Celtica will become clear: it is an ensemble of friendship and music, dance and culture, art and poetry, where learning is a game and having fun is to find harmony in a smile, in the breath of the wind, in the flames of the fire.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

CELTICA Valle d'Aosta, Clan Mor Arth
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