Correzzola, La Marciliana

The Marciliana Palio in the territory of Padua
Palio della Marciliana in territorio padovano
Dates 2018 to be announced 
Correzzola (Veneto region)

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Correzzola, a town in Veneto region, located 30 km from Venezia and 25 km from Padova, every year hosts a suggestive historical reenactment, the "Palio della Marciliana", which takes its name from an ancient typical transport boat from Chioggia. The event, in fact, originates from the Venetian history of the fourteenth century, culminating in the War of Chioggia (1379-1381) fought by the maritime republics of Genova and Venezia for the hegemony of the eastern commercial ports. The War of Chioggia also involves the territory of Correzzola, stronghold of the Carraresi Lordship from Padova, allied to Genoa, and engaged in a never ending dispute with Venice because of the salt flats built right in the Chioggia territory.


Event description and programme

The Palio of Marciliana recalls these events through the revival of the period traditions and lifestyles. Scenario of the event is the Benedictine Court built in the fifteenth to the seventeenth century along the river Bacchiglione, and once the main administration centre of the Benedictine monks from St. Justina of Padova, who, thanks to a great work of reclamation manage to transform moors and marshy land into lush, fertile land.

The park of the Court comes alive thanks to the reconstruction of the fifteenth century Correzzola village and spectacular performances like the assault at the castle, crossbows competition, knights duelling, ancient games, arts and crafts of the Middle Ages (the threshing of grain and making of Benedictine bread, the operation of a water mill), and many medieval characters in costume: monks, pilgrims, nobles, merchants, settlers, soldiers, while musicians, fire-eaters, dancers, jugglers and falconers enliven the evenings. The full event program also includes exhibitions, lectures, the craft market with pottery, spices, essences, weapons and other goods from far lands, medieval dinners, a historical parade with the monks procession bearing gifts to the abbot, a rich gastronomy in the old taverns, and, last but not least, the "cervogia", the traditional monks beer.

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Info & Contact

Pro Loco Correzzola "Vita d'altri tempi"
Address: viale Melzi 5, 35020 Correzzola (Padova), Italy
Tel./Fax: +39 (0)49 5808327

Correzzola Town Council / Comune di Correzzola
Address: via Garibaldi 41, 35020 Correzzola (Padova), Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)49 5807007 - 5807008

Image: Pro Loco Correzzola
Text sources:Pro Loco Correzzola, Correzzola Town Council, Wikipedia


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