Copenhagen, Medieval Market

Copenhagen Medieval Market
Københavns Middelalder Marked (KMM)


Medieval and Viking market and knights' tournament in Copenhagen

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Valby, which is one of the 10 districts of the Danish capital Copenhagen and has the fastest growing population, is located in the southwestern corner of the Copenhagen Municipality. The area has been inhabited since ancient times, and the modern district has developed around the two villages of Valby and Vigerslev, both during the Early Middle Ages under Utterslev, a Crown estate which included most of the area around Havn, the small market town which later became Copenhagen. Valby, or Walbu in ancient times, means "village/house on the plain".

Event description and programme

Every year Valby hosts a great historical event, the Copenhagen Medieval Market, where the period of the Middle Ages (covering the years ca 450 to 1550) is not only illustrated by artisans’ stands and crafts demonstration, but can be first-hand experienced, sensed and felt by the visitors of all ages through workshops and various leisure and cultural activities. The programme includes knights’ tournaments, medieval music show and typical entertainment of the period, historical parade, children’s theatre, various workshops, archery displays and battle reenactment.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association/organization name: Københavns Middelalder Marked
Address: Valbyparken, south of Valby district, city of Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel.: +45 60152488 (Kim Svejgaard)

Copenhagen City Council
Address: Rådhuset, 1599 København V, Denmark
Tel.: +45 33 663366

Official VisitCopenhagen tourism website
Address: Copenhagen Visitor Centre, Vesterbrogade 4A - 1620 København V, Denmark
Tel.: +45 33 257400

Copenhagen Tourist Portal and Cultural Guide

Copenhagen City Guide

Image: Københavns Middelalder Marked
Text sources: Københavns Middelalder Marked, Wikipedia, Copenhagen City Council, Visit Copenhagen

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