Clisson, Medieval Festival

The Medieval Festival of Clisson
Les Médiévales de Clisson
20,21.07.2019 (biennial event, last held in 2017)
Clisson (Pays-de-la-Loire region)

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Clisson is a commune in Brittany, in western France, situated at the confluence of the Sèvre Nantaise river and the Moine river, about 35 km from Nantes. The Château de Clisson (Castle of Clisson), originating from the 11th century, was one of the great fortified places on the frontiers of the Duchy of Brittany.

Event description and programme

The Medieval Festival of Clisson is held every two years, bringing to life the medieval history of the city centre. The visitors can experience ancient crafts at the medieval market, meet the citizens of the period at the parade, enjoy street performances of troubadours, jugglers and musicians of Medieval Clisson.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Les amis du Château de Clisson
Address: Maison des associations, 26 Rue de la Madeleine - 44190 Clisson, France
Tel.: +33 240039502

Clisson Town Council / Mairie de Clisson
Address: 3 Grande rue de la Trinité - 44190 Clisson, France
Tel.: +33 240801780 | Fax: +33 240801766

Images: Les amis du Château de Clisson
Text sources: Clisson Town Council, Les amis du Château de Clisson


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