Cisliano, Storitalia gathering

Storitalia - Multiperiod Gathering
Storitalia - Raduno Multiepoca
Antico Borgo Manzola, Cisliano (Milano, Lombardia region)

The Event

"Storitalia" is a National Multi-Period Gathering which takes place every spring in the surroundings of Cisliano, a rural town located about 14 km from Milan, in Lombardy region, with the participation of many reenactors from all over Italy portraying all the different historical periods, from Ancient History to the Present. Charming location of the event is the Ancient Village Manzola immersed in a green fertile plain surrounded by woods and creeks. The village, rebuilt in medieval style with great attention to details and fine artistic flair, hosts an excellent Equestrian Center with all the related facilities (riding school, stables, paddocks and round pens), a cozy bed & breakfast, and “La Torre dei Gelsi” (the "Mulberries Tower"), an excellent restaurant.

On a wide open space is to be found the great historical camp with the tents of the reenactors divided by period according to their respective historical period. And so, like in a huge open-air museum, the audience will have the chance of a deep exciting insight in the evolution of the civil and military daily life through the ages, traveling from the Celto-Roman Antiquity to the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance Age to the Napoleonic Wars, and from the World Wars to the Contemporary Age. Such a setting, besides allowing a critical route through the ages, and enhance the educational and communicative attitude of the Living History with the reenactors ready to explain to the visitors all uses and costumes, weapons and tools of the daily life in the age they portray. The rich programme provides as well an interesting historical crafts market, knights tournaments, jousts, archery and falconry displays, food stands, lectures, themed exhibitions, modeling contests, and a great historical banquet.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Ristorante Torre dei Gelsi - Antico Borgo Cascina Manzola - 20080 Cisliano (MI)
Tel.: +39 02 90119825, +39 335 5346422


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