Chioggia, Palio La Marciliana

Palio of La Marciliana
Palio de La Marciliana
1-17.06.2018 (to be confirmed)
Chioggia (Venezia, Veneto region)


three days of medieval life reconstruction to relive the Chioggia's heyday, splendor with fairs, ancient trades, merchants, art shows, historical parades, living history displays and the reenactment of the war against Genoa...

The Event

Chioggia is a lively seaside and fishing town located in Veneto region on a small peninsula at the southern entrance to the Venice Lagoon, about 25 km from Venice (50 km by road). The town is like a miniature version of Venice with channels and narrow streets, and is well known for the lace-making art and for the Sottomarina district, a famous touristic resort thanks to the air rich in iodium and its 10km long beaches with fine sand having therapeutic and sun tanning properties. Chioggia, once an ancient Roman colony and later part of the Byzantine Empire, got very prosperous during the Middle Ages thanks to the industry based on salt pans, playing also an important role in the so-called War of Chioggia (1378-1381), the fourth and last of the Venetian-Genoese conflicts for the supremacy over the Mediterranean and the trade routes with the Levant.

And the events of this war are commemorated every year on the third weekend in June by the “Palio de La Marciliana”, a great historical event which makes to relive the Age of Glory of Chioggia and takes its name from the one of a cargo-ship for the small trade built in the local shipyards during the Middle Ages and called marciliana. Chioggia is travelling back in time for a weekend, transformed in a real medieval village with military camps, markets and workshops of ancient arts and crafts, the reconstruction of daily life scenes, inns and taverns, and hundreds of historical characters all dressed in 14th century costumes. The rich programme includes as well music and dances shows, medieval fencing, knights tournaments, archery and falconry displays, street theatre and shows with jesters and jugglers, historical parades, and battle reenactments of the Genoese siege and the Venetian counterassault freeing the town, the arrival of the Doge of Venice to celebrate the victory. The highlight of the event is the contest of the big Italian crossbows which were usually placed on dedicated shooting benches or fixed on the walls of the fortresses because of their weight.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Comitato per il Palio della Marciliana di Chioggia
Tel.: +39 041 401068 - Fax: +39 041 5540855
Cell.: +39 340 3961631

Chioggia Town Council / Comune di Chioggia
Address: Corso del Popolo 1193 - 30015 Chioggia (Venezia), Italy
Tel.: +39 0415534811

Image: Comitato per il Palio della Marciliana di Chioggia
Text sources: Comitato per il Palio della Marciliana di Chioggia, Wikipedia, Chioggia Town Council


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