Casta, Červený Kamen Festival

Medieval Festival of the Forgotten Crafts at Červený Kameň Castle
Festival zabudnutých remesiel na Hrade Červený kameň
Častá, Červený Kameň castle (Bratislava Region)

The Event

Červený Kameň Castle is situated in southwestern Slovakia, in the Little Carpathians, near the village of Častá. A stone castle was built in the 13th century as part of the chain of country frontier defense castles ranging from Bratislava to Žilina. This castle was completely rebuilt as a fortress in the first half of the 16th century, and became a representative noble castle of Pálffy family who owned it from 1588 until the Second World War.

The Medieval Festival of the Forgotten Crafts is organized at the Red Stone Castle in summer, inviting the visitors to immerse into the past, experiencing the Middle Ages in a characteristic environment. Skilled artisans present their knowledge and skills bringing to life the crafts from long forgotten times. Wood, ceramic, leather, beeswax are only examples of the materials skilfully elaborated in the past, to create wonderful objects of practical and decoration use. The flavours of the freshly made bread and traditional medieval dishes, hands-on activities and various initiatives for the visitors complete the ancient atmosphere, giving the chance to everyone to try archery, crafts, old games and contests. The old farmyard hosts the livestock so essential in medieval period, like ducks, goats, sheep and donkeys.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association Občianske združenie Schatmansdorf Častá
Address: Na Vŕšku 714, 900 89 Častá
Tel.: +421917272930 (Vladimír Heger)
Facebook page:

Slovenské národné múzeum-Múzeum Červený Kameň
Slovak National Museum-Museum Červený Kameň Castle
Address: Hrad Červený Kameň, 900 89 Častá
Tel.: +421332455103; +421336905803





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