Caspe, Compromise AD 1412

Compromise of Caspe, AD 1412
Conmemoracion del Compromiso de Caspe
29,30.06 - 01.07.2018
Caspe (Zaragoza, Aragon aut. community)

The Event

Caspe is a historic town located in the province of Zaragoza, in Spain, some 100 km from the provincial capital Zaragoza. According to legend, Caspe was founded by Tubal, a grandson of Noah. Historically, the area was settled by the Sedetanos, an Iberian tribe. In 1169 it was conquered from the Moors by King Alfonso II of Aragon, thereby following the history of Aragon and later that of Spain. Caspe was the site of the Compromise of Caspe in 1412 which managed to solve the problem of the interregnum following the death of King Martin I of Aragon in 1410 without a legitimate heir. The Compromise granted the throne to Fernando de Antequera, marking the start of the Trastámara dynasty in Aragon.

Caspe commemorates the Compromise of 1412 as its most important historical event, every summer. In addition to the event reenactment, there are various displays and activities offered to the visitors. The medieval market and artisans' stalls and workshops invite the visitors to discover and learn ancient calligraphy and medieval arts. The programme includes duels tournament, medieval and Sephardic music concerts, a religious mass according to the medieval rites, street animations with minstrels and jugglers. Finally, book presentations, conferences, exhibitions and documentaries cover the cultural aspect of the event.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

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Caspe City Council
Address: Plaza de España 1 - 50700 Caspe (Zaragoza), Spain
Tel.: +34 976 639066 | Fax: +34 976 639069

Image: Compomiso de Caspe
Text sources: Compomiso de Caspe, Caspe City Council, Wikipedia


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