Canelli, Siege AD 1613

L'Assedio di Canelli, A.D. 1613
The Siege of Canelli, AD 1613
Next edition: to be announced (the event was last held in 2016) 
Canelli, Asti (Piedmont region)

The Event

Canelli is located along the river Belbo, on a hilly and beautiful territory rich in vineyards, in Region Piedmont, about 90 km from Torino and 30 from Asti, and belongs to the Italian wine capitals, being home to several historical wineries. The town is famous also thanks to white truffles and hazelnuts, and is quite unique around the world because of its 13 km wide net of wine cellars dug under the town in 19th and 20th centuries and known as “underground cathedrals”.

Every year, in the third weekend of June, Canelli is home to the “Siege of Canelli AD 1613”, a great historical reenactment celebrating the victory of the people of Canelli and the small local Savoy garrison against the Army led by Carlo Gonzaga, Duke of Nevers and Mantua during the War of Monferrato succession (1613-1617). In June 1613 Carlo Gonzaga crossed the river Belbo with several cavalry and infantry regiments and many cannons to conquer the town, but the Savoy soldiers, very well supported by the population, succeeded in holding out against all attacks and forced the enemy to retreat. This heroic episode is celebrated today with a spectacular event characterized by a unique international flavor thanks to the many historical groups coming from Italy and other European countries, as well as the general involvement of the local population presenting thousands of historical characters in period dresses. The battles reenactment of the different stages of the siege and the reconstruction of the period military and civilian daily life are completed by music, dance and theatre performances, traditional crafts market, fencing displays and the historical cuisine served in the faithfully reconstructed 17th century inns and taverns. The rich programme includes as well entertainment and shows for adults and children, art exhibitions, lectures, fireworks, and Sunday afternoon the contest of the "carra" (a large barrel placed on a cart used to carry wine and also as a unit of measurement in Piedmontese trade during the 17th century).

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Gruppo Storico Militare dell’Assedio di Canelli

Canelli Town Council
Tel.: +39 0141 820111
Fax: +39 0141 820207
Ufficio Manifestazioni Via Roma n. 37 14053 Canelli (asti)



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