Buccino, Hystoriae Volceianae

Historiae Volceianae. Il Gusto della Storia.
Historiae Volceianae. The Taste of History.
Buccino (Salerno, Campania region)


a spectacular and accurate historical re-enactment brings to light the most important moments in the history of the ancient town of Volcei in a beautiful natural, historical and archaeological scenery 


Geographical, cultural and historical context

Buccino is a rural village lying on the top of a hill situated between the rivers Bianco and Tanagro and surrounded by the Campanian Apennines, about 60 km from Salerno, in Campania region. Thanks to its dominant and well protected geographical location the area was inhabited since very ancient times as witnessed by many archaeological findings, and developed as a prosperous municipium by name Volcei during the Republican and Imperial Roman Age. Buccino old town still keeps remarkable traces of its rich history: the three city gates (Porta Consina, Porta S. Mauro and Porta S. Elia), the Norman-Angioin Castle, the stone compound, the temple known as Caesareum, the Forum, many remains of public and private buildings and villas scattered all over the territory.

Event description and programme

And is just the Ancient Rome the protagonist of “Historiae Volceianae”, the great historical festival harmoniously blending history art and cuisine. The event takes place every year in August in the Urban Archaeological Park and is followed by many enthusiastic tourists and visitors coming from all over Italy attracted by the lure of the enchanting archaeological and natural beauties. The historical reenactment provides a fascinating path through the daily life of the ancient Volcei making relive habits and customs, dances and music, rites and ceremonies, crafts and entertainments from the Roman Age. The military camp offers a deep insight into the legionaries training and fighting techniques and the gladiators’ fights, while the Roman banquet makes the visitors experience and learn about the flavors and the delights of the Ancient Rome cuisine. The rich programme includes exhibitions, guided tours at the Old Volcei and the National Archaeological Museum, and a tasty culinary journey into the typical local products and dishes.

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Info & Contact

Historiae Volceianae
Web: www.historiaevolceianae.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HistoriaeVolceianae

Proloco Buccino
Address: Via 16 Settembre n. 4, 84021 Buccino (Salerno), Italy
Tel.: +39 339 3119217 | Fax: +39 1782745159
E-mail: prolocobuccino@tiscali.it - buccinoproloco@gmail.com
Web: www.prolocobuccino.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prolocobuccinovolcei/

Buccino Town Council / Comune di Buccino
Tel: +39 (0)828 751222
E-mail: info@comune.buccino.sa.it
Web: www.comune.buccino.sa.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Comune-di-Buccino-432282953518966/

Image: Historiae Volceianae
Text sources: Historiae Volceianae, Proloco Buccino, Wikipedia


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