Brugg, Roman Day

Roman Day in Vindonissa Museum
Römertag des Vindonissa Museum
Amphitheater Windisch und Vindonissa Museum, Brugg (Aargau canton)

A family-friendly and interactive historical event to relive the daily life of the legionaries and the atmosphere of a Roman military camp at the ancient site of Vindonissa, the only Roman legion camp in Switzerland, which was stationed in the area Brugg / Windisch about 2000 years ago…

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Brugg is a Swiss town located at the confluence of the rivers Reuss, Aare, and Limmat, in the canton of Aargau, about 16 km from Aarau; 28 km from Zürich, and 45 km from Basel. The city of Brugg hosts a small Roman museum, displaying finds from the ancient Roman legion camp once established in the nearby town of Windisch and named Vindonissa (from a Gaulish toponym in *windo- "white") in 15 AD. The Legio XIII Gemina, XXI Rapax and XI Claudia stationed there over centuries. Later on Vindonissa became a civilian settlement, with a castle built in the 4th century AD.

Event description and programme

The Vindonissa Museum organizes every year in May the "Roman Day", to remember the ancient Roman times in the area of Basel and recreate the life in the old roman town of Vindonissa based on archeological findings, reconstructions and exhibitions. Roman legionnaires reenactors offer various demonstrations and trainings, illustrating the organization of a Roman legion, fighting techniques and marches, while gladiators are involved in spectacular duels. Visitors can discover and experience ancient daily life in different aspects: arts and crafts, food and wine tasting, musical shows, medical care etc. Special activities are dedicated to children, including workshops as forging brooches, swords and painting.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Address: Museumsstrasse 1 - 5200 Brugg, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 (0)56 4412184

Gesellschaft Pro Vindonissa
Address: Museumstrasse 1 - 5200 Brugg, Switzerland
Tel.: +41(0)79 7806177

Image: Vindonissa-Museum
Text: Vindonissa-Museum, Wikipedia, Gesellschaft Pro Vindonissa


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