Brno, Day of Brno

Historic Day Brno - The Siege of Brno, AD 1645
Historický Den Brna - Obléhání Brna 1645
Brno (South Moravian region)

The Event

The event takes place in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic and capital of the South-Moravian Region, located at the confluence of the Svitava and Svratka rivers (about 210 km from Prague, 110 km from Vienna in Austria and 140 km from Bratislava in Slovakia) in a picturesque countryside surrounded by wooded hills between the Bohemian-Moravian highlands in the north and the Moravian lowlands in the south. Brno, since ever an important trade point and strategic crossroad, has very ancient origins and many Medieval, Baroque and Renaissance sights and monuments witness its thousands years history, like the Spilberk Castle and the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral. Brno is now historically famous thanks to the Napoleonic Age: in December 1805 the Battle of Austerlitz took place in the nearby village of Slavkov, while Emperor Napoleon himself spent several nights in Brno then and also later in AD 1809, during his second Austrian Campaign ended by the battles of Wagram and Znojmo.

One of the brightest and most epic events of the Brno history took place in AD 1645, during the last phase of the European bloody Thirty Years War. The small local garrison consisting of 500 soldiers and about 1.000 militiamen managed to withstand a 30.000 men strong Swedish army led by General Lennart Torstenson (1603-1651, a famous Swedish Field Marshal and military engineer). The heroism of Brno soldiers was well supported by the faith of the citizens, and on the Feast of the Assumption an image of the Virgin Mary appeared in the sky, who since then got venerated as the city patron and protector.

Every year in summer, on the weekend around the 15th August, Brno old town is home to a great historical event to celebrate the anniversary of that glorious episode and to relive the atmosphere of the 17th century thanks to historical camps and impressive battles reenactments deploying cannons and hundreds of Reenactors. The rich programme includes many cultural and leisure initiatives, like music concerts, crafts market, fencing displays, historical parades, dance and theatre events, fairs and exhibitions, traditional cuisine, pyrotechnic shows, as well as religious worships and commemorative ceremonies on the grave of Jean-Louis Raduit de Souches (1608-1682), the Imperial Field marshal of French descent, who was chief commander in Brno during the AD 1645 siege.

The Programme

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Brno Tourist Information Centre
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Tel.: +420 542 427 150 / 151

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Text sources: Den Brna 1645, Brno City Council, Wikipedia, Brno Tourist Information Centre


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