Briones, Medieval Days

Briones Medieval Days
Jornadas Medievales de Briones
Briones (La Rioja aut. community)

The Event

For two days in a year the town of Briones, in the Spanish province of La Rioja, relives the 14th century recreating the "modus vivendi", or way of life of the Middle Ages. More than 700 participants in historical costumes are involved in this celebration of the past, and various stalls and workshops are offered to the visitors to provide a complete vision of the ancient crafts and trade, among merchants, lords, ladies, Jews, Moors, soldiers and beggars. The streets are crowded by jugglers, jesters, musicians, flag wavers, theatre actors and other artists.

Other living history events are represented by duels and encounters between knights of Castile and Navarre (two Spanish historical regions), as well as by special displays illustrating the witch trials by the Holy Inquisition or the capture of a thief by the soldiers and his judgement. In the late evening a special show of lights takes place, during which a group of actors tell the true story of the Treaty of Briones, signed on March 31, 1379 by Henry II of Trastámara, King of Castille, and Charles II, King of Navarre.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Asociacion Cultural Briones Medieval
Address: Casa de Cultura, C/ san Juan s/n, 26330 Briones (La Rioja)
Tel: +34 687562801

Text sources: Asociacion Cultural Briones Medieval, Wikipedia, Insitituto de Turismo de España


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