Bretten, Peter und Paul Fest

Peter und Paul Festival
Peter and Paul's Fest
Bretten (Baden-Württemberg state)

The Event

The event is held in the lovely old town of Bretten, which consists of many old half-timbered houses around a lively marketplace, and is located about 23km from Karlsruhe and 62km from Stuttgart in the state of Baden-Württemberg, in southern Germany. Bretten was also the birthplace of Philipp Melanchthon (1497-1560 AD), companion of the Protestant reformer Martin Luther. The harmonious combination of history and modern facilities makes Bretten especially attractive for tourists who are growing year by year, attracted by the enchanting historic sights, above all the Middle Age ambience of the old town, as well as by the great variety of cultural events and the wide range of leisure activities in the surroundings. Bretten is also the gateway to the breathtaking hilly countryside between the Black Forest and Oden Forest, famous for its beautiful vineyards and the excellent food.

The history of the Peter and Paul festival goes back to the early 16th century, when it was started as a marksmen festival. Over the past 500 years it developed into a "living history" event, where the citizens of Bretten celebrate the unsuccessful siege through the army of Ulrich Duke of Württemberg back in the summer of 1504. Bretten was one of the locations of the Landshut War of Succession (1503-1505 AD) which was fought between the Duchies of bavaria-Minich and Bavaria-Landshut.

Today more than 3000 people create a wonderful ambiance with historical camps, clothes, weapons, armor, handcraft and food in the old town of Bretten from Friday evening till Monday night. You will find landsknechts, knights and craftsmen as well as bakers, blacksmiths or merchants. Every year a lot of guest groups from all over Europe are joining the event. They complete the impression of the way of living, fighting and working in 1504 AD.

A highlight during the four days are the big battle on Saturday evening, where the siege is reenacted, and the pageant on Sunday with all groups. But the most fascinating thing about the festival are the countless little spots, where the visitors can see excellent jugglers, plays or listen to medieval music and dance till the early morning hours. The Peter and Paul festival in Bretten is the oldest folk festival in the southwest of Germany and for sure one of the most beautiful as well.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

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