Bourtange, Battle AD 1814

The Battle of Bourtange, AD 1814
Slag om Bourtange 1814
Dates 2018 to be announced (biennial event, even years, last held in 2016)
Bourtange (Vlagtwedde, Groningen province)


The Event

Venue of the event is the fortress of Bourtange, a village part of the municipality of Vlagtwedde which is located in the beautiful Westerwolde region, in the Dutch province of Groningen, about 32 km northeast of Emmen, along the German border. This unique pentagon bastioned fortress had been constructed from 1580 to 1593 on the sand ridge in the Bourtanger moor and withstood many battles over the centuries, until being dismantled in 1851. Between 1967 and 1992 the fortress had been brought back to its glory of the yesteryear between 1740-1750 by the restoring of ramparts, ditches and soldiers’ barracks, and today Bourtange is an open air museum as well as one of the Dutch main tourist attractions featuring numerous sights like the museums, the fortress lodgings, restaurants, shops, guided tours, wedding facilities and spectacular initiatives and reenactments all year long.

Every even years the fortress host a great Napoleonic reenactment (for the 17th century reenactment held in the odd years please see the relevant page in May Calendar). The fortified town of Bourtange goes back to year 1814 with the allied Dutch, Belgian, German and English troops trying to regain the stronghold from the French army. Hundreds of reenactors from all over Europe in the encampments and fortifications will make to relive the atmosphere and the armies of the Napoleonic Age through faithfully reconstructed artillery, infantry and cavalry units, as well as sutlers and other camp followers. The audience will have a unique chance to travel back in time for a deep insight into the military and civil daily life by experiencing clothing, weapons, cooking of the period. The rich programme includes as well military maneuvers and drills, guided tours, music and dance shows, the historical market and a variety of activities held in the fortress and the bivouacs, and culminates in two great battle reenactments on Saturday and Sunday.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Fortress Bourtange / Vesting Bourtange
Address: W. Lodewijkstraat 33, 9545 PA Bourtange, Westerwolde, Groningen, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0) 599354600
Tel.: +31 (0) 599354554

Napoleonic Association of the Netherlands (NAN)
Napoleontische Associatie der Nederlanden

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