Borgoricco, Land of History

Terra di Storia, Rievocazione Storica Romana
Land of History, Ancient Rome Reenactment
Next edition dates to be announced (the event was last held in 2011)
Borgoricco, Padova (Veneto region)

The Geographical, Cultural and Historical Context

The event takes place in Borgoricco, a town located in the Po valley, in the very heart of the former Roman centuriation (a system of land organization and agricultural exploitation used by the ancient Romans), about 30km from Venezia and 14km from Padova, in Veneto region. Characteristic of the municipal territory is the regular layout made by the intersection of long and straight roads running at right angles to each other, the famous Roman grid.

The territory to the north-east of Padua is in fact a unique example of well-preserved regular division of agricultural land operated in the second half of the 1st century BC., corresponding to about 710 meters on a side (= 20 actus), and usually allocated to the veteran legionaries who were thus rewarded for their service in the army. The so-called "Roman grid" includes areas that are nowadays part of several municipalities in the province of Padua and Venice.

The Museum of the Roman Centuriation, located in the Borgoricco Civic Center, consists of a triple-height entrance foyer, a large circular theatre with 300 seats on three levels, two galleries, multipurpose rooms, four exhibition rooms and storerooms. The new permanent exhibition was opened in February 2009 and features many archaeological findings from all over the land division area. The Museum's collection has recently grown with the addition of new objects from archaeological digs conducted in Borgoricco, including bronze scrapers and architectural terracotta slabs decorated with plant motifs in relief.

The Event

The programme includes several experimental archaeology workshops (like frescos, hairstyles, cosmetics, clothing, ceramics), an historical banquet featuring typical ancient Roman dishes and enlivened by ancient music and dances, the reconstruction of a Roman Taberna where to taste period foods and drinks, guided tours at the Museum of the Centuriation and at the historical camps of the Roman legionaries and the Celtic-Venetians tribes, crafts market, historical parades, lectures and conferences, the Roman chariot race, dance and theatre shows, gladiatorial games, sacred rites and ceremonies, and finally the reenactment of an open field battle between the mighty Roman legionaries and the fierce Celtic warriors.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Comune di Borgoricco
Address: Viale Europa, 10 - 35010 Borgoricco (Padova), Italy
Tel.: +39 049 9337911 | Fax: +39 049 9335726

Museo della Centuriazione Romana di Borgoricco
Address: Viale Europa, 12 - 35010 Borgoricco (Padova), Italy
Tel.: +39 049-9336321 - 049-9337930 | Fax: +39 049 9335726

Image: public domain taken from Wikimedia Commons
Text: Museo della Centuriazione Romana, Borgoricco Town Council, Wikipedia

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