Borgo Fornari, Medieval

A Medieval Day at the Borgo Fornari Castle
Una Giornata Medievale al Castello di Borgo Fornari
Dates 2018 to be announced
Castello di Borgo Fornari - Ronco Scrivia (Genova, Liguria region)

The Event

The event takes place in the castle of Borgo Fornari, which is a borough of Ronco Scrivia, a town of Roman origin, located in Liguria region in the Scrivia Valley about 20 km from Genoa. Scenery of the event is the Castle of Borgo Fornari, an ancient noble residence owned by the Genoese Spinola family since the 12th century. The Castle, built on a hill a few minutes of walk from the main road, is one of the highest expressions of the feudalism in the area presenting unique features among the nearby castles, like for example the use of different building materials: stones for basement, bricks for higher levels.

The "Medieval Day" is a real journey through time to relive and rediscover the characters, the scents and the tastes of the Middle Ages. The audience will have a very close insight into the daily life of a medieval village by visiting the military camp, the traditional craft shops, and the stalls of the medieval market where to meet several period characters like the grocer, the cobbler, the armourer, the scrivener, the candle maker, the carpenter and the innkeeper. While in the castle courtyard is to be found an historical tavern where to taste dishes prepared according ancient medieval cookbooks. The rich programme includes historical parades, crossbow displays, knights’ tournaments, medieval dance shows, traditional games and many workshops for adult and children where to personally experience the real life in the Middle Ages.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Ronco Scrivia Town Council
Address: Corso Italia 7 - 16019 Ronco Scrivia (Genova), Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)10 9659010 - Fax +39 (0)10 9356343

Pro Loco di Borgo Fornari
Tel.: +39 3494986659

Castello di Borgo Fornari
Tel: +39 3299498963 – 3494986659

Image: Pro Loco di Borgo Fornari
Text sources: Ronco Scrivia Town Council, Wikipedia, Pro Loco di Borgo Fornari


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