Bolzano Novarese, Bolexano1366

Terre d'Agogna - Bolexano 1366 AD
Bolzano Novarese (Novara, Piedmont region)

The Event

The event takes place in Bolzano Novarese, a picturesque lake village among chestnut trees woods on green hills overlooking the enchanting Lago d’Orta, in Piedmont region about 100 km from Torino and 40 km from Novara. The yearly historical event aims to provide an accurate reenactment of the daily life in the Middle Ages, and even an insight into the local history between AD 1025 and AD 1362. That was a period full of events in the area, first of all the fierce disputes over the ownership of the land and the neighbouring villages of Ingravo and Bolzano Novarese, with the first one being a small agricultural village made of country houses and isolated farms, while Bolzano, built on the opposite slopes of the hill, more into a town shape having the housing concentrated in the centre and fields and woods all around.

The atmosphere and charm of the Middle Ages are being reenacted every summer in June in the charming Bolzano Novarese. Since 2016 a new format and location of the Medieval Festival awaits the visitors as well as a brand new programme full of medieval-themed events and performances providing the chance to meet many historical characters and experience scenes from the medieval daily life at the reenactors' camps and crafts market. The programme includes also archery and falconry displays, games of strength and skills, several workshops, period music and courtly dances, street theatre with jugglers, fire shows and choreographies, historical parades, the Holy Mass with the blessing of swords and knighthood ceremony, the faithful reconstruction of a seven courses great medieval banquet with period cuisine and entertainment in a charming setting, the knights’ tournament and a great battle reenactment.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Official Facebook pages of the event:

Associazione Bolzano Insieme Pro Loco
Address: Via Bercolo 2 - 28010 Bolzano Novarese (Novara)
Tel.: +39 0322 982224; 3290903694 (Manuela); 3480480680

Bolzano Novarese Town Council
Address: Piazza G.Battisti 6 - 28010 Bolzano Novarese (Novara)
Tel.: +39 0322 982080 – Fax: +39 0322982502

Image: Associazione Bolzano Insieme Pro Loco
Text sources: Bolzano Novarese Town Council, Wikipedia

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