Bitetto, Medieval Market

Bitetto AD 1487. Mercato Medievale e Corteo Storico
Bitetto AD 1487. Medieval Market and Historical Parade
25.04, 01.05.2017
Bitetto, Bari (Apulia region)

The Event

The event takes place in Bitetto, a town located between the karst plateau of the Murge and the Adriatic Sea, about 15 km from Bari, in Puglia region, once an ancient Greek colony with the name of Hetium, later -9th to 19th Century- a bishopric and today a renowned production centre of cereals, almonds, grapes and oil. Besides the medieval old town with the well-kept towers and walls, other remarkable sights are the 14th Century cathedral, one of the main examples of Apulian Romanesque architecture, and the Convent keeping the relics of the Blessed Giacomo (1400-1490) a francescan lay monk. The territory has been inhabited since the 4th century BC as witnessed by several archaeological findings, while during the Middle Ages with the rise of the Angevins, Bitetto became one of the wealthiest cities of Puglia enriched by fine architectures.

Every year the squares, the courtyards and the alleyways of the charming old town host a great medieval market with faithfully reconstructed stalls and shops, historical and traditional handicraft, farm animals, ancient street games, while musicians, jugglers, jesters, fire-eaters, acrobats, and storytellers create an exciting medieval atmosphere and accompany the visitors on a magical journey through the history and traditions. And the visitors themselves have the unique chance to take part at the reenactment by wearing historical costumes. The program includes guided tours in the old town, itinerant theatre shows, taverns and inns where to taste historical and local food and wine while enjoying a typical entertainment of a medieval banquet and music of the period.

On May 1st takes place the great "Thanksgiving historical parade” to reenact the visit in year 1487 of the Duke Andrea Matteo Acquaviva with his family and his court to the Blessed Giacomo. The Duke thanked Giacomo for his intercessions, and, as a sign of devotion, let built in a night only the straight road still now linking the convent and the town. It’s a special theater play which beautifully blends arts, architectures, historical and legendary sources, while featuring hundreds of historical characters involved in several tableux vivants about striking and allegoric episodes and stories of the medieval times.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Proloco Juvenilia Vitetum
Address: via E. De Amicis 9/a – 70020 Bitetto (Bari)
Tel.: +39 080 3212195
Mob.: +39 345.2279718

Bitetto Town Council
Address: Piazza Moro - Bitetto
Tel.: +39 080 3829212- Fax: +39 080 9921559


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