Bevagna, Medieval Market

The Market of the Gaite
Il Mercato delle Gaite
Bevagna (Perugia, Umbria region)

The Event

Bevagna is a picturesque town of Umbria region, located along the ancient via Flaminia on the fertile flood plain of the Topino river, about 25km from Perugia, 16km from Assisi and 148km from Rome. Bevagna, originally an Etruscan-Oscan settlement, and later a Roman municipium called Mevania, reached its peak during the Middle Ages and keeps still now the charm of its medieval streets and the magnificent square embracing the main sights. The surroundings of Bevagna are known as well thanks to the beauty of the territory rich in small villages, castles and shrines in dominant positions over the Umbrian valley and surrounded by woods rich in Mediterranean flora.

Every summer in the last weekend of June Bevagna is home to the charming Medieval Festival called Mercato Delle Gaite from the name of the four quarters (San Giorgio, San Giovanni, San Pietro and Santa Maria) according to the administrative organization of the town in medieval times. The Festival aims to present a true and accurate historical reconstruction of the daily life of the Bevagna inhabitants in the period between AD 1250 and AD 1350. The main event is the Medieval Market in the impressive medieval shops along the city centre, a kind of travelling back in search of the ancient local crafts traditions. The rich programme includes also meetings and lectures, the Gregorian Mass, medieval banquets, historical parades, religious processions, as well as guided tours and workshops to let the audience learn and experience the life in the Middle Ages. To the main events belong also the tournaments between the four Gaite competing against each other in different challenges (medieval market, crafts, cuisine and archery), and the Medieval Night providing music, dance and several art performances all night long. Cuisine is part of the festival as well thanks to the historical inns and taverns where to taste dishes from ancient cook recipes.

To be mentioned is also the “Medieval Spring”, a yearly exposition of local cuisine and artistic products preview of the Market of Gaite held in April.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Associazione Mercato delle Gaite
Address: P.zza F. Silvestri 1 -06031 Bevagna (Perugia)
Tel.: +39 (0)742 361847

Bevagna Town Council / Comune di Bevagna
Address: Matteotti, 58 - 06031 Bevagna (Perugia)
Tel.: +39 (0)742 368111 - (0)742 368111
Fax: +39 (0)742 361647
E-mail: comune.bevagna@postacert.umbria.

Museo Comunale di Bevagna
Address: Corso Matteotti 70 – 06031 Bevagna (Perugia)
Tel./fax: +39 (0)742 360031

Image: Mercato delle Gaite
Text sources: Mercato delle Gaite, Wikipedia, Bevagna Town Council

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