Beauvais, Jeanne Hachette

Festival of Jeanne Hachette, AD 1472
Fête de Jeanne Hachette
Beauvais (Picardie region)

The Event

Jeanne Laisné was a French heroine known as Jeanne Hachette. On 27 June 1472 she prevented the capture of Beauvais by the troops of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. The Burgundians were making an assault, and one of them had actually planted a flag upon the battlements, when Jeanne with an axe in hand flung herself upon him, hurled him into the moat, tore down the flag, and revived the drooping courage of the garrison.

Each year the girl is elected in the city to represent their heroine, Jeanne Hachette, and on the last weekend of June the festivities are organized. Historic Beauvais, situated approximately 79 km north of central Paris, turns into a medieval village, with a tavern, a camp and medieval market. Several parades take place, involving more than 1000 reenactors in costumes, fifty horses and several music groups. The visitors are offered a great opportunity to travel to the Middle Ages and experience everyday life of the artisans, soldiers, musicians and street performers combined with the unique reenactment of the historical event so important for the city.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

Association/organization name: Association «Les Amis des Fêtes Jeanne Hachette»
Address: Les Amis des Fêtes Jeanne Hachette, Tour Boileau, 86, rue Desgroux, 60000 Beauvais (79 kilometres by highway north of central Paris), region of Picardie
Tel.: +33 344482269

Image: Les Amis des Fêtes Jeanne Hachette
Text sources: Les Amis des Fêtes Jeanne Hachette, Wikipedia

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