Badalona, Roman Festival

Magna Celebratio a Badalona
Badalona (Catalonia autonomous community)

The Event

Badalona is a town situated on the left bank of the Besòs River between the Mediterranean Sea and the Serra de la Marina mountain range, in the autnomous community of Catalunya, in Spain. Badalona was founded by the ancient Romans in the 3rd century BC, with the name of Baetulo, while the modern town arose in the 10th century over and around the old Roman city.

Every year in springtime Badalona goes back to Ancient Roman Age through the "Magna Celebratio", a great historical festival organized by the Museum of Badalona and its group of reenactors. The programme includes displays and workshops on experimental archeology, as well as demonstrations of the ancient arts & crafts, such as masonry, mosaics, decorative painting, metal working, secret perfume and hairstyling techiques, and finally also tasting the Roman cuisine: at the Thermopolium the audience will have the chance to cook dishes according to ancient recipes, including the famous garum, an essential ingredient for the Romans. A great role will play also the Roman music and the visitors will be offered the chance to learn how to play musical instruments or enjoy ancient melodies. More than 300 Roman soldiers will take part at the historical parade and perform faithful displays of military manoeuvers and tactics at the legionaries camp. The Badalona Museum hosts several exhibitions and provides guided tours at the archaeological sites. Headline of the event are the living history displays about the daily life of the Romans, including the impressive reenacting of a typical day on a crowded street, where several people, workers, politicians, prostitutes, dealers and other historical characters explain habits and customs of the former inhabitants through several impressive tableaux vivants.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Magna Celebratio official website:

Museu de Badalona
Address: Plaça de l'Assamblea de Catalunya, 1 - 08911 Badalona
Tel.: +34 93 384 17 50 - Fax: +34 93 384 16 62

Badalona Town Council / Ajuntament de Badalona
Address: Plaça de la Vila 1 08911 - Badalona
Tel.: +34 93 4832600

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