Augst, Augusta Raurica

Römerfest Augusta Raurica - Panem et circenses
Augst (Basel-Landschaft canton) SWITZERLAND

The Event    Augst, the roman Augusta Raurica, hosts in Switzerland one of the most important roman event north of the Alps.
Main events are the plays of the Gladiators organized by the famous living history group Ars Dimicandi, which offer an historically precise and spectacular fight among gladiators. Military shows are also the exercitations of a roman legion and the equestrian shows organized by historical group of Timetrotter. Roman music plays an important role with specialized ensembles of ancient music. There is a wide series of theatrical representations with pieces from ancient plays or adaptation based on classical motives. To complete the festival visitors can learn then also ancient roman cuisine and many activities from daily life as craftsman working, medicine and fashion from imperial Rome.  

The Programme 

  Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.
    Info & Contact   Römerstadt Augusta Raurica Adrress: Giebenacherstrasse 17 - 4302 Augst
Tel. +41(0)61/816 22 22 +41(0)61/816 22 22




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