Asnaes, Ulvsborg Ridderfest

Knight's Festival at Ulvsborg Medieval Centre
RidderTid på Ulvsborg
Asnæs, Odsherred (Sjælland region)

The Event

The Ulvsborg Medieval Centre, a reconstructed nobleman's manor and country village from the 11-12th century AD, is located about 4km from Asnæs, a town part of the Odsherred municipality, about 90 km west of Copenhagen, in Sjælland region, in Denmark. The 24 hectares large living museum consists of a fortified manor with the typical related buildings and facilities, all reconstructed according to archaeological excavations and historical sources, and aimed to portray the daily life in the 1050-1250 AD time period, which in Danish history is referred to as Late Viking Age or Early Middle Ages. To find out more about the Ulvsborg Medieval Centre please visit our dedicated page, click here.

Every year in July the Ulvsborg Medieval Centre is home to a great Medieval Festival, featuring hundreds of reenactors from all over Denmark and nearby countries in a quite unique setting and providing the visitors with the chance to first-hand experience a day in the Middle Ages with knights' tournament, battle reenactments, storytelling, market stalls with lots of arts & crafts, cuisine, music, interactive theatre and role play and much more.

Both the Medieval Centre and the Festival are set during the reign of the lenient King Sven or Sweyn III Grathe (c. 1125 – 1157), who became the King of Denmark between 1146 and 1157, in shifting alliances with Knud V Magnussen (c. 1129 – 1157, King of Denmark from 1146 to 1157, as co-regent in shifting alliances) and his own cousin Valdemar I (1131 – 1182, also known as Valdemar the Great, King of Denmark from 1146 until his death in 1182). In 1157, the three agreed a tripartition of Denmark. Sweyn attempted to kill his rivals at the peace banquet, and was subsequently defeated by Valdemar I at the Battle of Grathe Heath (1157 AD) and killed while attempting to flee (please find out more about Sweyn III on Wikipedia, click here).

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Ulvsborg Historisk Værksted
Address: Toftholmvej 66 - 4550 Asnæs, Denmark
Tel.: +45 59628010
Facebook page:

Odsherred Kommune
Address: Nyvej 22, 4573 Højby, Denmark
Tel.: +45 59666666



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