Asnæs, Ulvsborg Hist. Workshop

Ulvsborg Historisk Værksted
Ulvsborg Historic Workshop
Asnæs, Odsherred (Zealand region), DENMARK


The Ulvsborg Historisk Værksted (Ulvsborg Historic Workshop), a reconstructed nobleman's manor and country village from the 11-12th century AD, is located in a beautiful natural scenery with fields, meadows, woods and ponds, about 4 km from Asnæs, a town of the Odsherred municipality, and 90 km west of Copenhagen, in Sjælland region. 

The Ulvsborg Historic Workshops is the only experimental centre in Denmark aimed to relive and promote the crossover period between Viking and Middle Ages (from 1050 to 1250 AD), which is referred to as Late Viking Age or Early Middle Ages and known for its many wars and crusades. This archaeological open-air museum is 24 hectares large and consists of a fortified nobleman’s manor with related buildings and facilities, including a little church, gardens and the typical medieval countryside. All buildings have been reconstructed based on archaeological excavations and historical sources from multiple locations within Denmark's medieval boundaries. The Ulvsborg Historic Workshop presents especially the country life of the period through live interpretation and role play also thanks to the many volunteers involved in the centre building structures or doing living interpretation.

The visitors have the chance to meet the nobleman and his people performing their daily activities, as well as many other historical characters from the period talking about the medieval society and politics, introducing new skills, or illustrating the everyday life in the countryside. The Ulvsborg Historic Workshop offers guided tours, archery and crafts workshops, and a wealth of live-in activities and themed events, such as the “theme Sundays”, which are devoted to different topics from the Middle Ages. Visitors are also invited to stay several days and nights during the summer holidays, taking part at initiatives like "slave for a day", "overnight in a medieval shelter" or "family holiday in the Middle Ages". The guests can even build their own little cottage (as long as it fits the 12th century) and spend their summer holidays there!

Finally, in July there is an annual medieval festival, the "Knight's Festival" featuring medieval displays, music, storytelling and interactive theatre. To find out more please visit our dedicated page, click here.


Info & Contact

Ulvsborg Historisk Værksted / Ulvsborg Historic Workshop
Address: Toftholmvej 66 - 4550 Asnæs, Denmark
Tel.: +45 77341201

Odsherred Town Council / Odsherred Kommune
Address: Nyvej 22, 4573 Højby, Denmark
Tel.: +45 59666666

Images: Ulvsborg Historisk Værksted
Text sources: Ulvsborg Historisk Værksted, Wikipedia, EXARC, Odsherred Kommune, VisitDenmark, VisitOdsherred, Destination Viking.


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