Åsarp, Ekehagens Forntidsby

Ekehagens Forntidsby
Ekehagens Prehistoric Village
Åsarp, Falköping (Västra Götaland county), SWEDEN

Åsarp, a town part of the Falköping municipality and located in the Västra Götaland county, in Sweden, is home to the Ekehagens Prehistoric Village, an archaeological open-air museum lying nearby the river Ätran in a beautiful countryside with birches and oak trees, about 20 km south of Falköping.

Ekehagens Forntidsby is an archaeological open-air museum with presentations from various prehistoric periods. Thanks to the faithful reconstruction of prehistoric settlements, the visitors have the chance to see how people lived thousands of years ago, enjoy the many leisure and educational activities which are arranged during the summer, follow several themed displays and workshops about prehistoric techniques, and also meet animals of old native breed freely roaming in the village.

The museum area is large enough to keep the periods separated. At first there is a small Stone Age hut, followed by Bronze Age and Iron Age longhouses. The museum works with natural environment education as well as with presentation of techniques like metal working. Although many school groups visit this place, its location in a beautiful natural environment makes the houses worth visiting also for families as a tourist outing, especially during the events scheduled in the Summertime.

Finally, at Falköping the visitors will find the Falbygdens Museum, a classical indoor museum, which is associated with the Ekehagen Forntidsby and presents the history of the region from the Ice Age to the Modern Times.

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Ekehagens Prehistoric Village / Ekehagens Forntidsby
Address: Olofsgatan 23 - 520 43 Åsarp, Sweden
Tel.: +46 0515 886760 | Fax: +46 0515 50062
E-mail: info@ekehagen.se
Web: http://www.ekehagen.se
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ekehagen

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