Årsunda, Årsjögård Viking Farm

Vikingården Årsjögård
Viking Farm Årsjögård
Årsunda, Sandviken (Gävleborg county), SWEDEN

The Årsunda Viking project, which was launched by the city of Sandviken in 1993, consists of the Viking Museum and the Viking Farm, the building of which started in 1996. The city of Sandviken ended then its involvement in the Årsunda Viking Farm project, and the Viking Association "Fafner" took on the management of the Viking Farm.

Today the Viking Farm Årsjögård is a living history museum with a rune stone, a sacrificial place and several buildings, including a longhouse, a smithy, a cooking house, a cattle house, and a storehouse. The longhouse consists of a residence and a hall, and is the pride of Årsjögård, providing room for about 20 adults/25 children to spend the night in the residence, while the hall has room for another 10-15 guests. The longhouse has a beautiful roof consisting of 22,000 shingles, while the walls are a plaited work of wicker covered with a mixture of sand, mud and cow dung.

The project has three cornerstones that complement each other:
- a full-scale reconstruction of a Viking Age farm with animals, gardening etc.
- the reservation of ancient monuments in Årsunda.
- the Viking Expo, a building with Gästrikland's Viking Age as a theme.

Located in the heart of the province of Gästrikland, the Land of Iron, the Årsunda Viking Farm provides a unique opportunity to experience cultural history in an exciting, informative, friendly and quite interactive environment. The visitors can take part at a variety of activities, where theory and practice are mixed in a pedagogic way to stimulate all senses.

There are also special programs for school visits, individual tours, group tours and one-day visits for families. While walking around the Viking farm and its houses, the visitors can learn about everything about the Viking Age, from daily life to crafts and mythology, listen to sagas, take a look at the runes and visit the sacrificial place, or also test their strength and skill in several exciting Viking games.

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Årsunda Viking
Address: Årsundavägen 899 - 810 22 Årsunda (Sandviken), Sweden
Tel.: +46 26290116
E-mail: info@arsundaviking.se
Web: http://www.arsundaviking.se

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