Arboga, Medieval Days

Arboga Medieval Days
Arboga Medeltidsdagar
Arboga (Västmanland county)

The Event

Arboga is located in Västmanland County in Sweden. Its area has been inhabited since around 900 AD, and as a town it was established in the 13th century. Every August the city hosts Arboga Medieval Days, dedicated to its historical past. All citizens of Arboga and the surrounding area, as well as the visitors from near and far, join this medieval celebration.

The programme includes children's parade, theatre performances, ghost walks, treasure hunts, medieval market, knights displays, fire shows, jester school, lectures, medieval music and wedding, not to forget the storytellers and artisans with their workshops.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Föreningen Arboga Medeltid
Address: Järntorget 12, Arboga locality, Västmanland County, Sweden
Tel.: +4658912626

Image: Föreningen Arboga Medeltid


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