Aquileia, Tempora in Aquileia

Tempora in Aquileia. The Foundation of the City
Tempora in Aquileia. La Fondazione della Città
Aquileia (Friuli-Venezia Giulia region)

A travel back in the ancient times through legend, history and tradition, all in the ancient town of Aquileia where to meet Roman legionaries and Celtic warriors, relive the breathtaking experience of an open-field battle reenactment, rediscover arts and crafts, cuisine and daily life in ancient history accompanied by gladiators, dancers, musicians, mystical rites and the magic atmosphere of a heritage city destined to live forever…


Geographical, cultural and historical context

Aquileia is located in the green plain of the river Natisone not far from the Adriatic Sea about 10 km from Grado and its lagoon, and 40 km from Udine, in region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in north-eastern Italy. The city, founded as a Roman military colony in 181 BC, developed soon into a prosperous trade centre and became one of the most important sea hub of the Roman Empire and the capital of X Regio. Aquileia, also known as the "second Rome", was one of the greatest and most famous metropolis of the Roman Empire and also a main centre of the western Christianity until its destruction by Attila’s Huns hordes in AD 452. Today Aquileia together with Ravenna represents one of the main archaeological sites of Northern Italy, and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Event description and programme

 Every year thanks to a three-days long historical event featuring about 600 Reenactors from all over Italy and Europe, Aquileia offers its inhabitants and the many tourists an exciting chance to rediscover its foundation and rich heritage breathing the magical atmosphere and the past glories of the Roman Era. The visitors will have the unique chance to travel back in time visiting the accurate historical camps where to relive customs and traditions from the daily life of the Romans and the Gauls. There will be also an interesting marketplace where to experience the ancient arts & crafts such as vases, pottery, oil lamps, mosaics. The rich programme of events and activities includes as well lectures, exhibitions, food stands, historical banquets with dishes from the ancient Roman recipes, theatre shows, dance and music performances, sacred rites, educational workshops of experimental archaeology for adults and children, spectacular gladiator fights, and a great battle reenactment between Romans and Gauls. All this in the magic and breath-taking atmosphere of the old town and the archaeological areas of Aquileia.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Tempora Aquileia – Associazione X Regio Aquileia

Fondazione Aquileia
Address: via Patriarca Popone 7, 33051 Aquileia (Udine), Italy
Tel.: +39 0431 917619 | Fax: +39 0431 917619

Aquileia Town Council / Comune di Aquileia
Address: Piazza Garibaldi 7, 33051 Aquileia (Udine), Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)431 916911 | Fax: +39 (0)431 91044

Aquileia Turismo
Address: via Iulia Augusta, 33051 Aquileia (Udine), Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)431 919491

Image: Tempora Aquileia
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