Aosta, Medieval Festival

Medieval Festival in Aosta Valley
The sacre and the profane in daily life, art and culture
Festival del Medioevo in Valle d’Aosta
Il sacro e il profano nella vita quotidiana, nell'arte e nella cultura
Next edition dates to be announced (the event was last held in 2012)
Aosta, Quart, Verres, Arnad (Valle d’Aosta region)

The Event

The festival takes places every year in the third weekend of September in several historical locations of the Aosta Valley region, like the Castle of Quart, the famous Priorate of St.Ursus in Aosta city, St.Gilles’ church in Verres and the Bertolin's Maison in Arnad. The absolut protagonist of the event are the Middle Ages analyzed in all perspectives: historical, political, religious, cultural and artistic. Every year the festival focuses on a special theme: in the 2011 edition it was the “Autumn of the Middle Ages”, while in 2012 it will be “Magic and Witchcraft in the Middle Ages”. The rich programme includes live medieval music and dance shows, concert of sacred music and the tasting of ancient food and drinks with related explanations, the historical parade, and the medieval market. Guided tours of the castle Quart, otherwise not open to the visitors, conferences and lectures on historical themes, and workshops for adults and children complete the cultural offer of the event.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Regione Valle d’Aosta - Assessorato Istruzione e Cultura
Direzione promozione beni e attività culturali
Tel.: (+39) 0165 273431 – 273457

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