Almodovar, Medieval Market

Mercado Medieval de Almodôvar
Almodôvar medieval market
Almodôvar, Beja (Alentejo region)

a very accurate recreation of the medieval times through a fair that gives the visitors with the amazing chance to meet historical characters and experience the life in a thirteenth century town in the charming Alentejo region of Portugal…

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Almodôvar is a picturesque village located between the Alentejo peneplain (a low-relief plain originated from fluvial erosion) in the north and the hills of the Serra do Caldeirão in the south, along the border between Alentejo and the Algarve regions, at about 118km from Evora and 163km from Lisboa, in southern Portugal. The toen boasts an ancient history dating back to the Iron Age and to Roman and Arab occupation as witnessed by several archaeological finds. The main event of the local history dates back to AD 1285, when, on April 17th, Almodôvar received its first Foral (Town Charter) by order of King Dinis of Portugal (1261-1325 AD), also known as the Farmer King and the Poet King, the eldest son of Afonso III of Portugal (1210-1279 AD) by his second wife, Beatrice of Castile (1242/1244-1303 AD), and grandson of King Alfonso X of Castile (1221-1284 AD) known as Alfonso the Wise.

Event description and programme

Every year in the month of May, Almodôvar is home to a great and very accurate historical event, the Medieval Market, which celebrates the donation of the charter by the King Dinis while recreating the atmosphere and the daily life of the Middle Ages with their colors, tastes and sounds. The festival has established itself as a major event in the region and attracts thousands of tourists every year. For a weekend the visitors will have the chance to experience the 13th century Almodôvar while meeting many historical characters like fortune-tellers and magicians, craftsmen and muleteers, pilgrims and monks, noblemen and commoners, mounted and foot soldiers, ladies and maidens, kings and queens.

The programme includes performances of jesters, jugglers and other acrobats, dance and music shows, storytelling, the medieval market with artisans from all over Europe presenting historical and traditional handicrafts, inns and taverns offering drinks and food of the period, the saracen party with ancient moorish cuisine, snake charmers and belly dancers, living history displays, battle reenactments, ancient games, archery and crossbow contests, knights tournaments, and the great parade with King Dinis. The main event, organized by the Viv'arte group, takes place in the evening and consists in a great theatre show dedicated every year to a different medieval theme and involving up to 250 historical characters in faithful period dresses.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

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Almodôvar Town Council / Câmara Municipal de Almodôvar
Address: Rua Serpa Pinto, 7700-081 Almodôvar, Portugal
Tel. +351 286 660 600 | Fax: +351 286 662 282
E-Mail. | turismo@cm-Almodô

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Image: Mercado de Almodovar
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